From brainstorm to startup, to growth phase, to stable operations, our team acts as general counsel for every flavor of alcohol beverage company.  Shauna Barnes, former general (and current outside) counsel to Dogfish Head, prides herself on providing practical, on-demand advice that fits within the craft culture. As general counsel of DFH, she helped to launch a distillery, introduced cans to the market, navigated over a dozen strategic distribution partnership changes, in addition to spearheading international expansion, product rollouts, and major promotions and marketing campaigns.

At Kaleo, she leads a team that serves as the legal department for nano, micro, and craft breweries, distilleries, and wineries, as well as functions as a member of established legal and compliance departments at publicly-traded companies. Shauna and her team handle all legal issues surrounding operations, including local, state, and federal permitting; federal and state trade practice regulation compliance; distribution agreements; and analysis of potential M&A. She has considerable expertise drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, including distribution and supply agreements, project and purchase agreements, and sponsorship and event agreements. Shauna has also worked with lobbyists and trade associations on a continuous basis since 2012, and she has substantial experience shepherding legislative changes through the statehouse.

Alcohol Regulatory Practice Counsel Team:

Shauna Barnes


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