Our unique approach to dispute resolution and litigation management provides extraordinary value to our clients. We separate ourselves not just in how we structure our fee arrangements, but also in the role we play as attorney business advisor to our clients, executing on our clients’ business as much as, if not moreso than, their legal strategies. Our depth of experience as former prosecutors, commercial trial lawyers and as in-house counsel for large and small public and private companies allows us to implement a disruptive, unconventional approach to the practice of law, and to dispute resolution and litigation management in particular, in a manner that consistently yields value for our clients, and sets us apart from most other lawyers and law firms.

Hourly fee arrangements incentivize lawyers to bill, fundamentally misaligning the relationship between attorney and client. Hourly billing often directly results in lawsuits that should never have been filed, settlements on the eve of trial after months or years of discovery and motions practice, and exorbitant and often unnecessary legal fees. As is clear from the current state of hourly rates and fee awards in civil litigation with larger firms, most of the time, the only people who win in litigation are the attorneys.

By contrast, our monthly subscription model properly and perfectly aligns our interests with those of our client, such that our ongoing relationship depends on our ability to provide our clients with value on a continual basis. Because we only use month-to-month subscriptions, we go to work every day knowing our client relationships only last for so long as we provide them with a business advantage. And so, we refer to our role as “fractional general counsel,” serving our clients as if we were sitting in the C-suite, with a focus on the bottom line, but with deep experience as effective trial lawyers. We build and implement our strategies based on good business sense, substituting inventive problem solving for more traditional legal maneuvering. When litigation is the only alternative, we find value for our clients in how we manage (or conduct) the litigation, carefully choosing outside counsel, negotiating rates, scrutinizing invoices and performing the work ourselves where appropriate. Perhaps more importantly, because we know where the pressure points are in litigation, and because of our decades of litigation experience in all types of civil cases, we can exploit those pressure points strategically to resolve cases at times and with arrangements that are most advantageous to our clients, never losing sight of the fact that our clients are not, and do not want to be, in the business of litigation.

Like a lot of our clients, we are entrepreneurs in this way, and we think we have built a better mouse-trap.